Accounting and Tax Application Programme

The objective of our Accounting and Taxation programme is to provide the necessary education for staff who will help fill the void in regard to accounting firms and thus sections of accounting and finance in commercial firms.

Apart from the theoretical part of our programme, it is about the development of students' knowledge also in practice.

Applications are made about the use of parallel electronic technology, which grows day after day, during the application of the accounting profession.

The internship of 480 hours on the job is considered supportive.

Each year a total of 95 students are admitted.

Most of our graduates are able to work as assistants in the offices of financial advisors, freelance accountants or as staff of insurance companies in the construction sector, industry and banks.

Students who pass the examinations can continue their education in the following fields:
Labour economy and industrial relations,
Business management and information management,
Business management, economics, logistics,
Accounting, accounting information systems,
Accounting and financial management,
Accounting and financial education,
International finance,
International business management,
International trade and finance

Program Chairman:

Dr.Mehmet Akif Ayarlıoğlu

Program Instructors:

Dr.Selen Yılmaz Işıkhan

Inst. Filiz Aydın Patlar

Inst. İpek Eröz

Inst. Ali Bertan Savaş (Uygulamalı Birim)

Dr. Ramazan Yaşar (ASO1OSBMY)



 Hacettepe University Vocational School of Social Sciences

06100 Opera Ankara